J.K.Army have the new Hydra Airsoft MK18 MOD1 AEG deluxe set in stock: J.K. ARMY Newsletter of Hydra Airsoft MK18 MOD1 AEG Deluxe Set Hydra Airsoft MK18 MOD1 AEG Deluxe Set Availability: In stock
$193.00 This Set include:
-Hydra Airsoft MK18 MOD1 AEG (BK)
-Element EX276 PEQ LA5 Advanced Target Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light (BK
or DE)
-Element Red & Green Dot Sight (BK or DE)
-Element EX164 Forward Vertical Grip (BK or DE)
Opitional : TB-silencer KAC Style QD silencer ( BK ) Specification of the MK18 MOD1:
Overall length: 700mm/783mm
Weight: 2490g
Muzzle velocity (fps): 370-390( with...Read more http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/news2/75886
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