One of the most often asked questions about airsoft  is, is it a sport or it is a hobby? We are guilty here at Popular Airsoft as we haven't even agreed on what airsoft really is and we interchange "sport" and "hobby" in our posts. We are back to this question again with Dave Baks of...Read more

Evike [The Gun Corner]: S&T Type 64 AEG

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Enola Gaye: The EG18X Has Landed

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Get $50 Back From Krytac Starting Today

Get something back for your Krytac AEG purchase as long as you register your AEG online. It's US$50 rebate for their Summer Rebate starting today... "Purchase a Trident PDW, CRB, or SPR at an authorized KRYTAC Retailer to receive $50 towards the KRYTAC ProShop. Purchases made between July 4th, 2015 and August 31, 2015 qualify for the $50 coupon code when registered at...Read more

Maglite, TMC, LCT, WE At Gunfire

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Gunfire stock update 3rd July 2015

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Here is all the latest news from AirSplat : **20% OFF!**To celebrate the month of July, AirSplat is offering a flat 20% OFF EVERYTHING SITEWIDE*! Coupon Code: "BOOM" The beautiful PTS Masada GBB available now at ! Like, Comment, & Share your opinions! **WIN A BATTLE MACHINE GUN!** AirSplat is partnering up with Valken to give away a $150 rifle from their new Battle Machine Airsoft AEG line! Who’s going to Valhalla? Get ‘em now before all the tickets sell out! NEW PVC Valhalla Patches will be available at this week from Violent Little Machine Shop. Which one...Read more

Raid On Rostov: Assault On The Gate

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G&G Limited Edition CM16 MOD0 UPI AEG

The hot-selling G&G Femme Fatale AEG is getting a brand new sister that should make the ladies and gents who love pink things happy. G&G Armament have released the...Read more

A&K M4 Modern Tactical Rifle Review


7.62 Design T-Shirts Now at Military 1st

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