BB2K Airsoft: UHC Umarex HK MP5 Review

BB2K Airsoft gets an airsoft gun that's a wee bit smaller than the origina for this reviewl, the UHC Umarex HK MP5... "Today it is sometimes not serious in my channel. Actually, as always :-) I show you the H&K MP5 Kidz. A very compact, cheap, unprecise and cuddly MP5 for children. Have fun my friends."

Airsoftology: Elite Force Beretta 92A1

The Elite Force Beretta 92A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol has full auto goodness and Jonathan Higgs finds it fun to use in this Airsoftology review... "Jonathan is taking a look at a CO2 powered Full Auto pistol from the team at Elite Force, and what he learns is definitely eye opening."
The title of the story perhaps will make you scratch your head in confusion. That’s understandable since we have been used to playing single player campaigns that have a linear story usually revolving around a single character. In creating the single player campaign, the creators of Battlefield 1 decided on having an anthology in which a set of characters with their own stories.  As written on the Battlefield 1 Blog:read more

Kriss USA // Vector GEN II in 10mm


Gun Gamers On HSGI Pouches Rigs

Another Speedsim Gear Talk by the Gun Gamers and they talk about the High Speed Gear products such as their pouches and rigs... "This week, E House and Andre talk about their unhealthy love of all things High Speed Gear Inc. and tell you why they are indeed worth the price.Be sure to check us out on Facebook, as well as our sponsor River City Airsoft and Andre's project All Things Speedsoft."read more

Firefield // Paracord Slings


M67 Grenade Gas Charger At Airsoft World

At Airsoft World right now is an M67-shaped Gas Charger made by BAW so you don't look like carrying a gas can when you are in the field... "An all metal replica grenade used to fill your magazines or gas grenades in-game without the need to carry a full can of gas around with more

Atibal // New XP8 Sight

Atibal Introduces New XP8 Sight with SwyftView 5.56 Tactical Diamond Reticle. Arizona, September, 2016 – Atibal’s new...Airsoft & MilSim News Blog - Airsoft & MilSim News Blog provides you the latest News, Reviews, Interviews and Videos from the Tactical and Airsoft Scene.Atibal // New XP8 Sight...

Airsoft Action 2011-15 Back Catalogue Online

Airsoft Action just put their 2011-2015 back issues online for everybody to read for free. Take the chance to read their stories and evolution of the magazine through the years... "We have uploaded our entire 2011 - 2015 back catalogue to Issuu, so if you missed any previous issues, you can now read them for FREE by heading over to: more

ASG CZ 805 Bren A1 Gray Overview

Airsoft Master are taking pre-orders for the new ASG CZ Bren 805 AEG in stock and here is their quick overview... "A quick preview of the ASG CZ 805 BREN A1 electric airsoft gun. This airsoft gun is fully licensed and features ambidextrous magazine release button and fire selector switch great for left or right handed use. It comes with full metal gearbox with quick spring change system, metal gear set and bushings and a powerful neo magnet more

NUPROL Airsoft to shake up the AEG market!

This is a BIG announcement, maybe the biggest in history of NUPROL Airsoft (the UK based distributor and manufacturer of great airsoft products). Before the end of this year (2016) they will introduce a complete new line of NUPROL Airsoft DELTA AEG series. Release is planned before Xmas and we got the first details on their new line-up!This initial announcement comes with a catalogue showing all the models and their unique features. After 3 years of hard work we now have the pleasure to reveal their new models: Pioneer Defender (entry level), Freedom Fighter, SOPMOD, RECON Alpha and a very unique AK-21 (high end models)!Pricing is not yet known. However great...

ARES AMOEBA new sniper rifle

Hot from the press as disclosed by iWHOLESALES, this new sniper rifle by Amoeba Airsoft will soon be announced. It looks like a sophisticated new approach to airsoft sniping. Here at NLAIRSOFT.COM we already got all the details for you.They call it "revolutionary from the inside out"...

PTS Syndicate Enhanced Polymer Line

Find out all the new and already released products under the Enhanced Polymer Line of PTS Syndicate in just one video. The company has been releasing Enhanced Polymer products such as AEG magazines, GBB Magazines, Stock, and more as the material is tough, durable, and at the same time lightweight.
For airsofters in Baltimore and the general airsoft community in Maryland, it’s time to move into action to preserve their beloved hobby. If the proposed Ordinance in the city gets approved, ownership of replica firearms, airsoft included, will be more

New ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Brochure

Get the full information of the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 AEG in this newly produced brochure just released by the company... "Since the launch of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 it has been well received by the Airsoft community. Airsoft players and magazines have tested, used and enjoyed the many quality features the EVO 3 A1 Airsoft gun has to more

Oakley Mechanism Backpack Now At SKDTac

Now at SKDTac is he Oakley Mechanism Backpack available in three colours at their online store... "The Mechanism Backpack offers the versatility and durable construction that accommodates any adventure. Heavy-duty metal clips, zips and hook-and-loop closures create secure storage, and a flap-top opening means more room for hauling larger more

Airsoftjunkiez LVOA PStar Jack Wolfe Grey

A nice looking custom HPA-powered airsoft rifle from Airsoftjunkiez is available to order right now. The Airsoftjunkiez LVOA PolarStar Jack Wolfe Grey sports the LVOA look, which seems to be all the rage right now and with Wolfe Grey colour, gives it a nice touch and making it stand out (in a good way) amongst all these black tan airsoft more

Airsoftology: G G Tactical RGB Dot Sight

Pick three colours to use for sighting your target with your dot sight with the G&G Tactical Red-Green-Blue Dot Sight that Jonathan Higgs reviews in this Airsoftology video... "Jonathan's taking a look at a surprising item from G&G; their latest Tactical Sight... but this rugged scope packs 3 tricks up its sleeve. Watch and see what Jonathan thinks of this $70 US Optic, and then voice your opinion on it below too."read more