NEUE PRODUKTE VON TASMANIAN TIGER BEI TACWRK Viele Neuheiten von Tasmanian Tiger gibt es seit heute bei  TACWRK  im Online Shop.   TASMANIAN TIGER V2 PLUS SYSTEM Für das Jahr 2015 lag ein Schwerpunkt der Entwicklungsarbeit bei Tasmanian Tiger in der Optimierung des Tragesystems ( V2 Plus-System) , einiger der erfolgreichsten Rucksäcke wie der Raid Pack MK II , Trooper Pack und der 2in1 Pac k .     TASMANIAN TIGER BUG OUT BAG Das aktuelle Programm wird um einen neuen, leichten Transportrucksack namens Bug Out Pack   mit einem belüfteten Tragesystem ergänzt. Zudem gibt es auch viele neues Zubehör...Read more http://www.airsoft-military-news.com/tacwrk-tasmanian-tiger

Hephaestus Custom Type 97 GBB Rifle

Previously reported by HKOTG TV, now the...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/hephaestus-custom-type-97-gbb-rifle


Airsoft GI sent in news that they are now taking pre-orders for the...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/kwa-akg-kcr-gbb-pre-order-asgi

AirSplat at SHOT Show 2015 Day 1

AirsoftBB flies all the way from Argentina to give us a coverage of the SHOT Show 2015 with the help of...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/airsplat-shot-show-2015-day-1

Military1st: Mechanix Wind Resistant Gloves


DesertFox At The SHOT Show: E&L AKs

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Armamat // NEW Salomon Forces in stock

The all new  Salomom Forces now available! As one of the first tactical gear shops here in Europe, the guys at Armamat now sell the new tactical line from Salomon called “Salomon Forces” The line that is dedicated to the intense needs of military, law enforcement, and safety professionals. Current available at the shop are 2 models in 2 colors (full line includes 7 models) so we expect the other once soon. Below you find a quick product overview from the Quest 4D and XA PRO 3D.     Salomon-Quest 4D GTX The Salomon-Quest 4D GTX® Forces feature the Gore-Tex® membrane and a stable...Read more http://www.airsoft-military-news.com/armamat-new-salomon-forces-stock

More AMSTV SHOT Show 2015 Videos

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Hot Airsoft Sniper Rifle at eHobby Asia

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Crusader M4 Accessories at WGC Shop

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ASG Scorpion EVO review


UkmcPro.co.uk – 15% off sitewide

UkmcPro.co.uk are offering a 15% discount on all orders until Monday: 15% Off Sitewide* at UkmcPro.co.uk – Use code "JAN15" at checkout Valid until 02/02/15 *excludes only a few products on Flash Sale The leading Shop for Military Kit, Police Equipment, Tactical Kit, Military Equipment, Combat Clothing to Camping & Outdoor Equipment.  Discover our wide selection of gear designed for Professional users, all at the lowest prices; Including Combat Trousers, Military Jackets & Smocks, MOLLE Gear, Airborne Webbing, Sleeping Bags, Plate Carriers, Combat Boots, Base Layers & much more.  By top brands such as Blackhawk, Bulldog Tactical Gear, Snugpak, Smith...Read more http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/news2/73664