Remember the Battle Mug? Sadly, I still have to order to order one of these. It's one of the must have tacticool products for any grunt or even an airsoft player (and even has an ACM clone). If you're making a collection of tactical drinking mugs, glasses, and openers, why not check out the new...Read more
Here is all the latest news from Evolution Airsoft : TangoDown®, Inc. enjoys over ten years of bringing the highest quality products to United States Armed Forces and Law Enforcement. Their reputation for unique design and quality manufacturing of weapon components has earned them first choice when it comes to stepping into harm’s way. TangoDown® constantly shoot, train and listen to operator’s needs.  Their goal is to make the warrior’s weapon lighter and more efficient, whether a pistol, carbine or belt fed machine gun.  Evolution Airsoft has entered in a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with TangoDown® Inc. to bring the...Read more
Here is all the latest news from...Read more

CAAAD Premium M4 GBB-R Announced

Something to look forward to at the King Arms and...Read more

Vega Force Company at 17th Hooha Show

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LCT Airsoft M-70 AB2 AEG Review

The first time that we see the newly released LCT Airsoft M-70 AB2 AEG to be in a player's hands....Read more

Military1st 1k Followers Twitter Contest

Here's your chance to win £100 worth of vouchers to spend in store at It's simple, all you need to do is follow them at their Twitter account. The best way to ensure that you are entered in the contest is to have your own Twitter account (create one if you haven't)...Read more

Team Blacksheep: Road to Rostov Report

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Добар дан! – was so viel heißt wie “Guten Tag” auf serbisch. “Serbisch??? Sieht doch aus wie eine AKMS?” – hör ich in den Weiten des Internets schon jemanden in seine Tastatur klopfen. Looking for the English version of this review? Click here . Inhaltsverzeichnis: Intro Lieferumfang, Verarbeitung, Details Platz für Akkus? Begrenzt! Kompatibilität mit andern AKs Im Inneren der Gearbox Chrono & ROF Test Fazit Alle Detailbilder Was auf den ersten Blick tatsächlich wie eine AKMS aussieht ist in Wirklichkeit eine M70AB2 des serbischen Herstellers “Zastava Oružje AD” oder besser bekannt als “Zastava Arms” und gehört zu den am...Read more


Добар дан! – that means “Good afternoon!” in Serbian. “Serbian??? But it looks like a Russian AK?” – I already hear someone typing this comment into his keyboard. No, it’s not an russian AK – this is an AEG that has never been made before.
Du suchst nach der deutschen Version dieses Reviews? Klick hier . Table of Contents: Intro The Box, Build Quality, Details Battery Space? Tight! Compatibility with oder AKs A Look inside the Gearbox Chrono & ROF Test Bottom Line Detailed Photos What at first sight looks like a Russian AKMS is a M70AB2 from the Serbian...Read more

Hot SR25 GBB shell ejecting @ eHobby Asia

Here is all the latest news from eHobbyAsia : 1. Rare Arms XR25 Enhanced Carbine (Shell Ejecting)
– Semi Automatic Shooting Mode
– Realistic Shell Ejecting Mechanism
– Full Metal Upper & Lower Receiver
– 320mm Free Float Rail System Handguard
– Stainless steel bolt Carrier
– 10 Position Buttstock
– Steel Housing 15 Rd Magazine
– CO2 Power 2. VIPER TECH   SR-16 10.75 URX II GBB Rifle (11.5 Inch)
– KAC STYLE SR-16 E3 Receivers
– 6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy Forging Raw Block
– URX II 10.75" (274mm) Handguard
– 10.5 inch Steel Outer Barrel
– LMT Style...Read more
The guys at Airsoft & Military News Blog have been checking out the Azimuth – G SMR HK416 rail and the P1G-Tac PSWP suit: AZIMUTH – G SMR HK416 RAIL
The AZIMUTH SMR G HK416 RAIL is made by CNC machined aluminum and has a black/grey matt finish. It feels really solid and valuable. The allover workmanship of this rail is very good and much better then other once I´ve seen. The details are clean shaped. The threaded inserts at 3/6/9 o’clock positions are also well done and work properly. Read more… P1G-Tac PSWP Suit
The PSWP suit is a...Read more
Here is all the latest news from...Read more
I guess many of you would be wide-eyed to learn about a device that does more than just being a flashlight. For many of us in airsoft, we always look for ways to lessen the amount of devices and gear that we carry to any airsoft event, and having devices that do more than just a single function usually gets our attention....Read more

A-TACS Sneak Peek For IWA 2015

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ASGI One Minute Review: G&G SOC 16

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