ARES AMOEBA new sniper rifle

Hot from the press as disclosed by iWHOLESALES, this new sniper rifle by Amoeba Airsoft will soon be announced. It looks like a sophisticated new approach to airsoft sniping. Here at NLAIRSOFT.COM we already got all the details for you.They call it "revolutionary from the inside out"...
For airsofters in Baltimore and the general airsoft community in Maryland, it’s time to move into action to preserve their beloved hobby. If the proposed Ordinance in the city gets approved, ownership of replica firearms, airsoft included, will be more

Pentagon Pentathlon Sweater At Military1st

The tacticool and sport-looking Pentathlon Sweater by Pentagon Gear is in stock at right now... "The Pentagon Pentathlon is a comfortable slim fit hoodie with a 2-way full front zipper and a high collar integrated with gusseted hood, bonded zip hand pockets, bicep utility pocket on the left sleeve and adjustable bottom more

Oakley Mechanism Backpack Now At SKDTac

Now at SKDTac is he Oakley Mechanism Backpack available in three colours at their online store... "The Mechanism Backpack offers the versatility and durable construction that accommodates any adventure. Heavy-duty metal clips, zips and hook-and-loop closures create secure storage, and a flap-top opening means more room for hauling larger more

Primer Productions Red Storm East VI Photos

Primer Productions' awesome photos of the Red Storm East VI: Dark Ages are now up on Facebook. The event, organised by OLCMSS, took place last 16-18 September 2016 at the Scranton Lace Company in Pennsylvania... "Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series hosted another RSE in scranton. This time around, it was 'Bad guys vs. Bad guys' Russia vs. Black Widow.Great AO, Good Staff, and some darn good more

Airsoftology: G G Tactical RGB Dot Sight

Pick three colours to use for sighting your target with your dot sight with the G&G Tactical Red-Green-Blue Dot Sight that Jonathan Higgs reviews in this Airsoftology video... "Jonathan's taking a look at a surprising item from G&G; their latest Tactical Sight... but this rugged scope packs 3 tricks up its sleeve. Watch and see what Jonathan thinks of this $70 US Optic, and then voice your opinion on it below too."read more

Airsoft North Custom's CM045 AEG Review

Done in the Spanish language, Airsoft North Custom reviews the CYMA CM045 AEG. Based on the compact AKS74U (there is a later version based on the AKS74UN), this is a much sought after AEG by airsoft players looking for a budget airsoft gun that gives a mid-range performance.

Brain Exploder: Mobius 2 Cam Mounts

The Brain Exploder shows mounts for the new Mobius 2 Action Cam that you can use when playing airsoft... "New Mobius 2 mounts that will help you in integrating this great little camera with either your existing GoPro arms and mounts or getting the camera on to a rail system to use as a zoom/selfie camera."



Classic Army Advance Rifle Series AEGs

Josh of Classic Army USA gives us a roundup of the Classic Army Advance Rifle Series... "Looking for a new full metal AEG but can't figure out which one to choose? Look no further than the new ARS AEGs from Classic Army. Join Josh as he gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about these new M4 platforms"

Team Blacksheep Custom SpongeBob Pistol

It's a cutie and we do like what we see in this custom work by Team Blacksheep taking inspiration from SpongeBob... "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? My WE-Tech pistol does! I am fan of SpongeBob for a long time now and long ago when I did retail work I would crank out all kinds of custom pistols for customers and myself just because. The WE-Tech Hicapa Dragon as it was called was a sweet deal I got in a trade and I decided to make into something out of the ordinary for the Airsoft more

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG Promo Video

LCT Airsoft sent in a link to a quick promo video of their upcoming LCT Airsoft RPD AEG. This will be officially released next month... "The RPD AEG will start to be sold from October 15, 2016, some countries or region might be postponed due to distance issues. Please contact with LCT official dealers for pre-order."
It is a busy September for Tokyo Marui in terms of public appearances. They were with CAPCOM during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 that took place last week and for this week, they will be at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show. The All Japan Model & Hobby Show will be the last show for the year that the company will be having a big presence of their more Wolffepack Urban Orbital Backpacks

EDC backpacks in the form of the Wolffepack Urban Orbital are now in stock at "Wolffepack is new to the scene of everyday carry backpacks, but there is nothing ordinary or everyday about them. All Wolffepack products utilize their patented trapeze technology which allows the user to swing the entire storage portion of the pack to their front, making loading and unloading a breeze and letting you keep an eye on your valuables in crowded more

Silverback SRS Upgrade Parts From FG-Airsoft

For owners of the Silverback Airsoft DesertTech SRS Sniper Rifle, they can now find new upgrade parts from FG-Airsoft. They actually released three items: the Pull+Push System, Damper Rings, and Compression rings. Find out more about them below:"Pull+Push System for Silverback SRSread more

ASG CZ75 SP-01 Shadow Deathstroke Build

Using custom parts from ASG, Booligan Airsoft builds his custom pistol calling it the ASG CZ75 SP-01 Shadow Deathstroke Build. Video provided for you to appreciate what he had put together... "Whipped up some custom parts for their CZ75 SP01 Shadow, so let's install it on this Deathstroke inspired build."

Diles46 Moving To Join Elite Force Guns

Diles46 announces on YouTube that Intrigue Airsoft will be closing down and he will be moving out of state to join Elite Force Guns. Diles46 on YouTube will remain open... "To my KC boys; I will still be around. Bless. Thank you for your friendship that we share based on nerdy BB warz.To Everyone else, DILES46 will live on. Aint nothing changing but the area code."read more

Laylax Krytac LMG "Paratrooper" Cerakote

If you are looking for some of the coolest custom Krytac AEGs, look to Japan and check out what Laylax have customised. A dealer for Krytac in Japan, the company has been making custom Krytac AEGs for sometime now and their latest creation is this Laylax Krytac LMG "Paratrooper" more

Airsoft Atlanta: Custom TM M870 Gas Shotgun

The Custom Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun at Airsoft Atlanta can be ordered at a price that is massively reduced, from US$739.99 to US$499.99... "A fully customized brand-new Tokyo Marui M870 gas airsoft shotgun. Gun and Laylax parts are all 100% brand-new (we'll include all the retail packaging). Scope and Laser are in like-new condition.Featuring the following accessories pre-installed:read more

Dave's Custom: Spectre DR Replica Special Offer

A big price drop of the Spectre DR Replica that is in stock at Dave's Custom and for those who want to get one, they better move quickly as this is a limited time offer... "Specter Replicas with DR and Carry Case are reduced from £175.20 to only £140.00 limited time offer and limited more

Jag Precision: Springs For Modify XTC-G1

In this article by Jag Precision, Tang shows you how to do a quick spring change and select which springs that you can use for the Modify XTC-G1 AEG... "The great feature of the Modify XTC rifle is the true quick spring change system that can allow the user to easily install a new spring for a higher or lower FPS depending on what the field limit is. This process is made very easy since the wires are not in the buffer tube."read more