Tippmann M4 Carbine Prototype Overview

Previously we saw Booligan test firing the Tippmann M4 Carbine Prototype and now here's an 11-minute overview... "Here's my full video overview on prototype #3 of the Tippmann Arms M4 Carbine! This thing is really going to revolutionize the airsoft market, no doubt about that. The full written review of this prototype will be in Airsoft Insider Magazine, and the full review of the production version will be on my website,...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/tippmann-m4-carbine-prototype-overview

Two Events for Tokyo Marui This September


Evike [The Gun Corner] Valken V12 HPAS

The latest entry into Airsoft HPA Systema, the Valken V12b that comes inside G&G Combat Machine AEG bodies, gets featured in Evike.com's "The Gun Corner"... "The...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/evike-gun-corner-valken-v12-hpas

Magnum Classic TAC Spec Boots at Military1st

Magnum Boots have their Magnum Classic TAC Spec Boots which are now available in the UK. You can find them in stock right now at...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/magnum-classic-tac-spec-boots-military1st

Echo1 Spectre RDP Review Game Play


WE TT33 review from Operator7 Airsoft

The next Airsoft BootFair is coming up at the end of this month: Hi all.  Yes its that time of year again.  The 4th Airsoft BootFair is rapidly approaching and it will be bigger than ever.  September 28th is the date to remembering  Bexley in Kent is the place to be.  This is the time to clear out your old Kit and those Guns that never see the light of day and turn them into cash.  If your not selling then there will be pitch after pitch of great new and used equipment waiting for a new home.  Hot food...Read more http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/news2/70337
I already forgot how many stories we have written about the Tracking Point System which is getting many hits, literally and figuratively. What we know about this system is that it can turn a novice shooter into a accurate shooter, and a trained shooter, well, into the most dangerous animal in the world. That is, if you believe what the company claims and the reports of this who have already tried it....Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/weaponsman-impressed-tracking-point-pgf

Cosplayers On Board An Aircraft Carrier

Cosplayers around the world may want to put Kantaicon in their bucket list as it's held aboard an aircraft carrier. In this case, it is the USS Yorktown, named after the Battle of Yorktown during Revolutionary War but more well-known for the Battle of Midway, though this ship was built after the USS Yorktown was lost in that famous World War II Pacific Theatre battle. It is now a museum ship at Patriot's Point in South Carolina....Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/cosplayers-board-aircraft-carrier

Echo1 USA Spectre RDP Coming Soon

Another choice for the airsoft version of the SITES Spectre M4 as...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/echo1-usa-spectre-rdp-coming-soon

Airsoft GI: G&G Combat Machine R8-L Series

Airsoft GI's Bob The Axeman looks at another Combat Machine AEG series from G&G Armament in this video... "The...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/airsoft-gi-gg-combat-machine-r8-l-series

Laylax Bio BB Bottle Coming Soon

For Biodegrable BB users out there, Laylax recently announced that they are taking pre-orders of their...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/laylax-bio-bb-bottle-coming-soon

Solar-Powered Soldiers in Australia

The Aussies are testing solar technology which can be worn or carried by soldiers on missions and lessing the battery load. They claim it is a success and are looking into partnering with companies into commercialising the technology. We hope they can move fast as we want one of these to charge our gadgets whilst out for long weekend games......Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/solar-powered-soldiers-australia

Liberty Belles 2015 Calendar Available

With already almost 3/4s of the way into the year, we're now seeing 2015 calendars coming out. Milspec Monkey announced the availability of the...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/liberty-belles-2015-calendar-available


Take note that this video is about the...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/ams-cyma-m14-ebr-vpower-aeg

ASGI: VFC VR16 Series Overview

Find more about the VFC VR16 Series with this Airsoft GI overview video... "Check out the brand new...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/asgi-vfc-vr16-series-overview

Evike RSW Boots On The Ground Part 2

We're loving the vista taken by...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/evike-rsw-boots-ground-part-2

E&L Airsoft AKS74U Full Steel AEG

Augh! We may have to dole up some cash for another AKS74U AEG which we are having too many due to is being a handy and well-made, almost regardless of brand. But the...Read more http://www.popularairsoft.com/news/el-airsoft-aks74u-full-steel-aeg