Airsoft Nation Social Network To Launch

The Airsoft Nation Social Network posts on Facebook about its scheduled launch this week. A sanctuary for airsoft players wanting to network if they find Facebook not friendly to airsoft... "Airsoft Nation: The Social Network - Launching 28th October! Like and Share This Post. The social network dedicated just for more

Magpul Apparel On Sale At PTS Steel Shop

Get the clothing from the Magpul Apparel line at discounted prices as the PTS Steel Shop are having a sale... "From today onwards, there will be a big Magpul Sale at our PTS STEEL SHOP, these will include Magpul Tees, Shirts and Shorts. The off season collections will have 30% off whilst the newer 2016 collections will have 20% off with an extra 5% for our VIP members (retail shop only). So better hurry or these will go pretty fast. Offer only available while stocks more

Dytac // Products Passed EMC Compliance Test


Evike: AW Custom Double Barrel Hi-Capas

More double barreled gas blowback pistols and this time these are the Armourer Works Custom Double Barrel Hi-Capa GBB Pistols available at 'Anyone can dual wield two pistols, rolling through doors, jumping through windows, a pistol clenched in each fist spewing BBs at whatever enemy gets in your way. It has been considered by many, the ultimate in two handed more

Airsoft Megastore // KWA KM4A1 AEG


Lyte Ryder Center Mass Laser Sight

LaserLyte announce their Lyte Ryder Center Mass Laser Sight that comes with a built-in pressure switch. Just mount it with no fuss about where to put the pressure switch... "LaserLyte® unveils the world's first rail-mounted laser sight with a built-in pressure activation switch to get shooters on target with a simple touch. Just grip it and rip it!read more

SRC's New Electric Blowback System

The Star Rainbow Company (SRC) finally jumps into the electric blowback system for their AEGs with their SR4 sporting a new electruc blowback after other major airsoft manufacturers have released their own offerings. Does it it look different from the others? The video doesn't show much and just like other AEGs with blowback, it does not all go all the way to give a realistic blowback. It also does not have simulated more

Halloween Sale On At Airsoft Taiwan

Airsoft guns, upgrade parts and more are at discounted prices at the Airsoft Taiwan Online Store for their Halloween Sale. You better rush as this has been ongoing since yesterday and will end on Halloween itself... "The AST online shop is having Halloween sale now! From October 24th to 31st, all items in stock 10% off (some new products not included)."read more

ZeroBravo // New S.M.A.R.T. Card

Introducing | the ZeroBravo Simple Marksman Adjustment Reference Table Card (S.M.A.R.T.). The Simple Marksman Adjustment Reference Table, or...Airsoft & MilSim News Blog - Airsoft & MilSim News Blog provides you the latest News, Reviews, Interviews and Videos from the Tactical and Airsoft Scene.ZeroBravo // New S.M.A.R.T. Card...

Kinetic Concealment CompRail Combo

Another way to mount optics on your pistol is to use its under rail with a product like the Kinetic Concealment CompRail Combo which already comes with an RDS... "This is a combo kit that includes one RD-01 Red Laser Dot Sight and one CompRail System. This combo kit is designed for the 3-Gun Shooter or anyone wanting to do some handgun target practice. The kit fits all 1911 pistols with rail, Sig 250, Smith and Wesson M&P Full and Compact, and Beretta 92 and more
If you are planning to go to Sweden with a plan to take some aerial footages with a camera drone, better leave it at home as it has just been banned unless a permission has been given for surveillance purposes. The local drone hobbyists and even journalists are up in arms with the ruling that was just issued by the country’s Supreme Administrative more

3x Cyclone Grenade System package @ Airsoft Innovations

This is what we like, and it's available now! The 3x Cyclone Grenade System contains everything you need to demolish your competition on the field :)"We’ve included 3 of our Cyclone Impact Grenades, 3 HANN Grenade Holsters, 3 Lanyard Reels and 3 Limited Morale Patches. Also Includes 3x Grenade Oils and 3x Grenade Skin Sets. Get 3 devastating sidearms for the price of one.$185 Value for only $135 for a limited time. BANG for the buck!3x Cyclone Impact Grenades•Grenade spins while firing 140 BBs in all directions at 225fps!•Quantum Drive design delivers more power than any other airsoft grenade•Gas powered (propane/green gas or 134a)•Sensitive...

TFB: Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun

Lever action shotguns are fun to use for us but not exactly popular for many shotgun users nowadays. Here is one that has a good history for The Firearm Blog to feature in their TFBTV channel, the Chipappa 1887 T-Series... "Lever action shotguns were not popular for a long period of time, and even John Browning suggest that Winchester opt for a pump action in lieu of a lever design. However employer trumped employee and thus the 1887 was more

Weekend special: GEARSKIN for Airsoft!

GEARSKIN is introduced during IWA 2015 and widely available during early 2016. We don't see it a lot on the fields here in The Netherlands. Guess the product definately deserves a further introduction. Since it have great features, also for your airsoft guns and gear. It can be used to protect and camouflage all your airsoft goodies. Check the photo gallery at the end of this blog post for some impressive applications.To start with what is this kind of self sticking camouflage material. At GEARSKIN they call it an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with the high military standards. Therefore GEARSKIN is the most versatile self...

Marui L96 Sniper Rifle Tuning Guide

A useful video from Novritsch for those who want to improve their airsoft sniper rifle's performance. In this case he posts a tuning guide for the Tokyo Marui L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle... "A turorial on how to intall tuning parts into a L96 AWS Airsoft Sniper by Toyko Marui.Find out more about Novritsch Tuningkits here."read more

Classic Army SCARAB series CA083M 13" KeyMod Teaser

Classic Army is totally back with their SCARAB series, introduced during SHOT SHOW 2016. Something different and something interesting. Back in 2002 our first AEG was the CA M15A4R. Great to see them back in business. It will have a programmable burst fire function you can control with just the trigger! Including also KeyMod, PDW or Buffer tube stocks. The 3 official names are out of the different models: the ABR, the RAC and the SAR!Back to the CA083M, here are all the details: "The Classic Army M4 ARS4-10 is an M4 with a 13in. free float keymod rail and an 14.5in. outer barrel. The monolithic profile rail system has a standard picatinny configuration...

Sightmark // Wolfhound Prismatic Weapon Sight

Introducing | The Sightmark Wolfhound 6×44 LR-308 Prismatic Weapon Sight. Sightmark Wolfhound 6×44 LR-308 Prismatic Weapon Sight delivers quick...Airsoft & MilSim News Blog - Airsoft & MilSim News Blog provides you the latest News, Reviews, Interviews and Videos from the Tactical and Airsoft Scene.Sightmark // Wolfhound Prismatic Weapon Sight...

New airsoft field in Holland: Wild Mountain

Ever played in The Netherlands? Holland? This might be your time to bring a visit. Check out this new terrain by Wild Mountain (Area57). A great new terrain in Weert, The Netherlands (near Eindhoven). This is our first outdoor CQB terrain esspecially designed and made for airsoft. It a big field with a nice urban feeling. A scene you mostly see in the USA. We have played at many fields, indoor CQB, outdoor woodlands, old factories etc. However this new field is definately interesting and we will certainly visit it in the next few weeks. Wnat to play in The Netherlands? Request an exemption at the NABV and join our vivid airsoft community!

New DM870 Airsoft Shotgun by Dominator

Marck from Redwolf Airsoft reviews the new Dominator International DM870 Airsoft Shotgun. There were many shotguns that have come before where they have tried to push the boundaries between airsoft and real steel. While many have come close, nothing has blurred the lines quite as much as the Dominator International DM870.The DM870 from DOMINATOR uses a complete set of high-quality steel components including the CNC-machined receiver, outer barrel, bolt carrier assembly, and trigger group.The level of build quality and attention to detail is incredible. Designed to be a realistic combat training shotgun, the DM870 field strips just like the real-steel, and is...