RWTV: New Products for July 2014


Evike Not So Round Table Talk Show Ep. 36

It's time for the another episode of the...Read more
Take your pick of available hydration packs that are available at...Read more
More choices of Full Face Masks designed like the tactical gas masks as there's an M50 Style gas mask available at Called the...Read more

This Week's Deals from J-Tech Gear


The future of the UKAPU

Matt Furey-King has sent over an update on what’s currently happening with the UKAPU : Some of you have been asking why the association has been so quiet in recent times. Unfortunately, our committee positions are mostly vacant. We’ve had a period where we didn’t manage to get normal replacements for guys who were leaving (people tend to come and go) and then a general feeling of being worn down by the enormity of the task caused two of the remaining committee members to resign at the same time. As such, we’re down to a single committee member at the...Read more

Burst Wizard 3 – 100% MILSIM MOSFET

Burst Wizard have sent over details of their new product: Finally any AEG can be tuned down to fire real steal Rate Of Fire (ROF) even with a 11.1V LIPO to provide MILSIM realism and extend the life of its gearbox! You don’t need to buy expensive Polar Star, Daytona or Systema guns to get the firing experience like a real steel. Just get a Burst Wizard 3 at 1/10 of the cost to get the benefits of: 1) Fire fullauto ROF like a real steel with no sacrifice in trigger response. Every BB is fired at 100% battery power...Read more

New products from AngryGun

For the ultimate selfie-taker or the action sports film maker, this thing will be a godsend. I was very much impressed after watching the video and just a bit disappointed that the product will be shipping in November rather than now as it's a season for many airsoft events and this drone will be very helpful....Read more

Bunny Custom CZ P-09 Night Raider

That was quick, Bunny Workshop just came up with a custom gun based on the new release from KJ Works and ASG, calling it the...Read more

Adella Relentless: Gun Mag Cleaning Howto


Second Sons at OLCMSS Operation Liberty

This looks like a mayhem with lots of players bunched up inside buildigns, but for...Read more

It's BirnyX's Airsoft Versus Reality 3!

We thought they ran out of ideas for their Airsoft versus Reality series, but here they are with No. 3! BirnyX or...Read more